LKV 166 - HDMI 3 in 1 protector - Surge / ESD / Power

The Lenkeng LKV166 is a small, 3 in 1 plug in device, designed to protect HDMI equipment from
ESD, Surge and corrupted / erratic power supply

HDMI ESD protection
Whilst ESD is a normal everyday occurrence, it can be extremely damaging to electronic equipment, especially our expensive HDMI high definition products. ESD will lower the service life of these products, or worse still, damage them beyond repair. ESD damage is usually invisible to the human eye, but the damage to inner chipsets is random and complicated.
Lenkengs LKV-166 has built in ESD protection for your HDMI devices

HDMI Surge protection
Surge is the sudden increase in current or Voltage (average 500V) and can last for up to 2 seconds. Experts believe that even a small surge can affect the product performance and shorten or damage the HDMI equipments life, Surge is always sudden and unexpected, carrying the risk of fire.
Lenkengs HDMI LKV-166 offers surge and ESD protection up to 17KV at 40A to IEC 61000-4-2 standard.


HDMI Power supply protection
Pin 18 of the HDMI protocol is the designated +5V power supply for many HDMI devices, including switchers and splitters. Their power is often derived from a set top box or a TV via the HDMI cable.
If for any reason this power is weakened or corrupted this will cause an equipment failure or malfunction. The Lenkeng LKV 166 HDMI protector supplies the correct +5V power supply level. 


The Lenkeng HDMI protector can be used on almost any device including: